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h.NAOTO & Sixh Fashion Show at Anime Central
Thursday, 28 April 2011 20:00

Come out to Anime Central 2011 this May 20-22 for you chance to meet the clothing designer h.NAOTO and Sixh members. This is one of the rare appearance featuring h.NAOTO himself so don't miss out. There will also be a lot of exclusive items available at the con as well as fashion shows. That's right there will be full runway fashion show featuring h.NAOTO and Sixh clothing lines. Model are still needed to so check below for details. We hope to see you all there this May.
Mini Bio:

Naoto Hirooka, better known as H. Naoto (born 1978) is a Japanese avant-garde fashion designer. H. Naoto's style of clothing and accessories could be classified under Japanese punk and gothic lolita, and he has been called the "most visible and successful of the labels fixated on that style."[1]

He graduated from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, joined S-inc. in 1999, and launched his own brand, h.NAOTO in the Spring/Summer of 2000.[2]

H. Naoto created a dress worn by Amy Lee of Evanescence at the 2004 Grammy Awards.[3] He has also designed costumes for the bands Ayabie[4], Psycho le Cému (for the Prism PV), Gackt, S.K.I.N., and Hangry & Angry.

Official Site:
Sixh Mini Bio:
In 2007, the success of h.ism leads to a collaboration with the young fashion design duo IBI and MINT. “Sixh.” is born.

Started by IBI, the fashion line Sixh. unites visual-kei artistry with the imagery of popular host and hostess clubs. A new theme, ghost-kei, is created by combining the words “gothic” and “host” into “ghost”.  MINT launches the line with the New Japan Mode Collection featuring its relaxed character, “MINT Neko”, and Six.h flourishes from there. Without a doubt, Sixh.’s cool, carefree ideas are not restricted by ordinary rules of fashion or society.
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